How to Protect Your Skin from the Sun in Summer?

It is funny for spending time outdoors as you are soaking up in the sun. However, the sun contains some dangers of UV rays. Many people don’t know about the health hazards that can come from tanning or going outside without proper sun protection. They just know that they would get sunburned if the sun is really harsh. But they didn’t recognize the real danger of UV radiation that makes them get the risk of skin cancer. We need the sun and the sun is good for us. But we also need to protect ourselves from the sun and its harmful UV rays while staying outside. The following are some best ways to protect us from the summer sun.

Good sun protection starts with the sunscreen. Be sure to use more sunscreen than you have planned. It’s best to prepare new sunscreen before you run out of the old one. Make sure sunscreen is always readily available. Put bottles of sunscreen in accessible areas around your home, such as your front closet, so you will not forget to apply it before you go out. Also, you can put sunscreen in the bathroom, where you can liberally apply it before putting on your bathing suit and rash guard. Heat and humidity can accelerate the breakdown of sunscreen, so make sure sunscreen live in a cool and dry place.

If you’re going to the beach, be sure to apply sunscreen before jumping in the water. Make sure cover every inch of your skin. Reapply sunscreen after swimming or sweating, and reuse it throughout the day to make it truly effective. It is best to apply sunscreen every two hours. A lot of people are easy to forget to reapply, and a single application before you go outside is just not enough to protect you for a full day.

The safe and easy way to protect you from the hot sun and harsh sunlight is to wear UPF clothes. UPF clothes are a lazy person’s sunscreen. UPF is Ultraviolet Protection Factor which measures the degree of sun protection the clothing can offer to you. UPF clothes are made with special fabric that provides the same type of UV-fighting protection as a sunscreen to you. Sun-protective clothes such as long-sleeve zip-ups, rash guards, and long pants, all UPF, to the pool, beach, hiking and biking outdoors all have an effect on protecting you from the sun. They just differ in the degree of protection that it provides. Clothes which have a UPF rating of 30+ would give you good protection from the sun, and some clothes with UPF 50+ will offer you the best protection against the sun and its rays.

Except for the clothes, another important item is a sun hat. A wide-brimmed sun hat is the easiest and cheapest way to protect our face, head and neck. A bucket hat features a wide and floppy brim that will shade our eyes, face, nose and even neck. It can be worn easily and packed into the pocket without damaging its shape. Bucket hats can be worn in most occasions and it is for four seasons.

Above all are some ways to protect yours kin from the sun and UV rays. It is best for you to choose a sun hat and wear sun-protective clothing if you are more likely to forget to apply sunscreen.

Modern Bucket Hat for Men and Women

There are a variety of bucket hats that are designed for the modern men and women. Some are featured by a round crown and some look very chic with its special design of patterns and colors. Some bucket hats are characterized by a wide brim and a flat top. Also, there are a part of bucket hats which have narrow brims and round tops.

Different people wear bucket hats to show their different personalities and styles. Bucket hats come in a lot of designs, some are street style, some are hip-hop style, some are sport style, as well as pastoral style. Anyhow, you should choose a bucket hat according to your own style and preference. Here are some nice bucket hats for men and women.

  • Unisex Reversible Bucket Hat

This cool bucket hat can be worn on both sides. It has two different look which you can switch between solid-colored look and patterned look. It is made of 100% cotton which is soft and lightweight. The hat also has rough selvedge which adds a chic vibe to your overall look. It is perfect to wear in warmer days of summer since it is made of breathable fabric.

  • Classic Navy Bucket Hat

This classic navy bucket hat has a flat-topped look for casual occasions. This is a hat that both men and women can wear. It is made of high quality cotton cloth. Black and white plaids are intertwined to make it look low-key, and this bucket hat goes well with all your casual wear.

  • Backboard Model Bucket Hat

The red bucket hat uses the pattern of a backboard to create a retro atmosphere, which is in the unique pattern all over its material. It is made of a mixture of cotton and polyester. This bucket hat with a round crown can be used for both casual and sports occasions. This material of the bucket hat is durable and breathable, which will keep you cool as much as possible.

  • Retro Style Denim Bucket Hat

Most of you may like to wear denim clothes, such as denim pants, denim jackets and denim skirts, here is a denim bucket hat. This denim bucket hat will fulfill your dream if you are looking for the 70s retro look or the 90s modern look. This bucket hat is made with 100% pure denim material with its signature pattern. The hat is very classic and casual, which is the best choice for you to wear in summer.

  • Double Layer Bucket Hat

This white bucket hat is plain white in appearance while has a red contrasting band over it. That makes it very special from other white bucket hats. It has a double layer and it can be worn by both men and women for a casual outing in the hot summer. It is very eye-catching so that makes you stand out from the crowd. The bucket hat is suitable for casual wear and sports occasions. Many of you like to wear white bucket hat and this is perfect for you. It can protect you from the sun and the rain.

Unique and Cool Hat Rack Ideas

There are many kinds of hats, the most common types are newsboy caps, bowler hats, beanies, baseball caps, fedoras, and bucket hats. Unfortunately, because of their particular shape that cannot be folded, so it’s hard to put them together neatly. Especially if you are a hat lover who has many collection series. Whether you put them in your closet or pile them high, you need a lot of space. Many hat lovers have trouble with this problem. A hat rack is a convenient way to store your hats. Use a hat rack to keep your hat from getting squashed and dirty. Hat racks are sold both online and offline stores or you can make it by yourself. There are lots of online tutorials about DIY hat rack, both articles and videos. By making them by yourself, you can design your hat racks according to your personal preferences and save some money as well. Besides, the DIY hat racks would be more precise compared to the rack you buy from the store.

Here we have some hat rack ideas that may help you in organizing your caps and hats collection. And you don’t have to worry again about getting your accessories cluttering everywhere.

No. 1 Hat Rack Board

The boards of this hat rack are strong enough to hold your belongings. There are some hooks on it. You only need to spend an hour to make this hat rack by using many tools and materials. It can also be used to hang your traveling accessories, such as hats, coats and backpacks. It’s a good way to use your unoccupied spaces or walls.  

No. 2 Standing Hat Rack

Don’t underestimate this standing hat rack, it’s also creative. It is made with the use of dowels by hands. The materials are not difficult to find. In addition to the dowels, you’ll need a hot glue gun, jute, and S-hooks. If you want it to hold something heavier, you’ll probably need larger dowels and some screws. This hat rack can hold drenched traveling accessories on a wet season when you enter the house. Therefore, the best advice is to put the hat rack in the corner next to the front door, and don’t forget to put a mat under the rack to accept the water drip.

No. 3 Triangle with Four Thin Ropes Hat Rack

Such a hat rack is not only a practical tool, but also a decoration. It can be a terrific touch for your empty white wall. The ropes decorate the wall with elegance touch. This design doesn’t look too crowded. As you can see, a triangle only fits seven to eight hats. This is the ideal number of hats that you can hang. If you want to add more hats, you should add another triangle.

No. 4 Large Mirror with Hooks

The hat rack only needs some hooks, and you just attach them to the frame of the large mirror. This treatment only applies to large mirrors. As you can see, it looks very simple and easy to install. You just need to nail down some hooks and hang your hats there. This is a perfect addition to a simple and elegant bedroom.

1920s Hats for Women

In the Jazz age, women won’t go out without wearing a hat. They had a variety of hats and headbands available. The cloche hat was the most common, but it certainly wasn’t the only women’s hat in 1920s. 

Hat styles from the early 1920s were still somewhat influenced by the hats in previous decades. At the turn of the century, the large hats were often adorned with many bird feathers, but the Audubon Society banned the trend, which led to fall out of favor. A wide-brimmed picture hat with round crowns, which people often worn outdoors in summer. The shape of the brim mimicked a large bonnet with drooping sides.

In 1921, the release of “The Three Musketeers” sparked a short-lived trend for women wearing the three-corner musketeers, also known as knight hats. These hats were made of straw for wearing in summer and velvet for winter. A bi-corn hat may be more popular because its front brim folded up to create points on both sides. It had been decorated with a bow or long dangling ribbon on one side. Also, it adorned with bird feathers, tassels or jewels. The folded brim gave way to a similar hat, without two or three points, which was called a bucket hat because the crown was pulled down very deep, like a cloche hat, but it had a wider brim that wrapped around the crown. This was a casual sporty hat, often worn with middy blouses. They could also be prettier street hats that were made of rich materials and decorated with feathers. They were usually made of soft materials, like woven straw or felt. The style was only popular in the first half of the 1920s.

Toque hats were usually made of stiff panels and worn on top of the head, rather than down around the forehead, as most hats in the 1920s. Mature wealthy women would like to choose it as the first choice. Young women often wore it in a way that moving down to their forehead; the hats were embellished with beads, sequins, metallic embroidery and precious stones.

Cloche’s popularity began around 1925, and it dominated hat styles until the 1930s. It was suitable for women who have small head and a short “bobbed” haircut. These close-fitting hats were usually worn very low over the eyebrows, giving the impression of conceit or feminine independence. The brims of the hats were slight, and some of them curled up, some angled out like a mini visor, and some pointed down. In many later cloche hats, the side brims dropped down over one or both ears, leaving more room for larger ornaments. They often featured intricate embroidery, jewels or ribbons.

A turban is a good alternative to a hat. The turban was basically horizontally wrapped around the head. However, if done properly with the right feathers or jewels, it can create a very glamorous look. It was one of the only hat styles that can be worn with formal evening attire, as well as can be worn during the daytime.

Women’s Hat Etiquette Guidelines

Once upon a time, hats were an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe, from everyday wear to dressier styles. Today, women still wear hats for fashion and practical reasons like sun protection and warmth. Although women can often keep their hats on while men cannot, there are some basic rules you must follow to make sure you not only look your best, but also behave appropriately.

Women don’t have to remove their hats indoors as men do, unless it’s a rain hat. It is rare for women to remove their formal hats. This rule of etiquette evolved from the role of the women’s hat, which was no longer a single piece of hat, but a specific accessory to their outfit. Usually warm hats in the winter should be removed indoors, as it is certainly not colder than outside. It is considered acceptable for women to wear hats in Christian churches, but it is sometimes considered disrespectful for men to wear hats. Both men and women are required to wear headscarves in Muslim mosques and Sikh temples. For men’s hats, any ornament or decoration should be on the left side of the hat. A woman’s hat is the opposite, with pins and other accessories on the right side of the hat.  

From a casual bucket hat to a stylish beret, women can wear any kinds of hats which differ in shapes, colors and styles for almost any occasion. It’s hard for a woman to take off her hat without damaging her hairstyle, so different rules have developed. These hats can be worn indoors, at home or in restaurants and in cultural events. However, you should not wear fashionable hats in some workplaces. If you hat with high top or a large brim that may block the view of someone else easily, so you should remove your hat when you are going to a theatre or a cinema.

For some sporty hats, women usually follow the men’s hat rules. You can wear your hat outdoors to participate in sports activities, or in public places, such as beaches or parks. In schools, libraries and government buildings, you should take off your sporty caps. Whether it’s in someone’s home or in a restaurant, and in most work place environments, you should remove it unless it’s part of the uniform or a practical hat. For example, if you work in landscaping or other outdoor work, a baseball cap can block the sun’s rays may be appropriate.

Functional hats are often used to provide protection from natural factors, including cold or sun. Depending on the hat and the environment you are in, you may choose to follow a set of rules, which can also be used to fashionable hats and sporty hats.

A modern hat is particularly appropriate for traditional church services and funerals, and for dressy sporting events, such as horse racing. Some religious rituals require women to wear headscarves, making fashionable hats almost a necessity. Daytime weddings and lunches are great opportunities to wear hats, and outside of those occasions, fashionable hats wearing are completely up to you. So if you like the hat, just wear it.

Points for Women to Choose a Desirable Bucket Hat

Most women like to go outdoors in the sunny summer days, because they want to experience some adventures, such as hiking, swimming and more. That would make them relax and have fun. However, women’s skin is so delicate and soft, which can be easily damaged by the slightest sunlight. That’s why it is important for us to have a hat for sun protection when we go out.

We often expose our neck, ears and forehead these main areas to the sun, so we need a good hat with wide brim that can provide good protection from the sun. Womens bucket hat with wide brim offers full protection for our face, ears and neck. Moreover, a hat is made of UPF 50+ fabric that keeps the harmful UV rays off our skin. A sun hat comes in a variety of looks and designs, if you are an outdoors lover, you need such a hat for sun protection.

To find your desirable bucket sun hat, here I will let you know how to find a hat that fits you.

Materials of Hats

As we all know, hats are made of many kinds of materials for different seasons and purposes. The impending intense heat of summer makes us to choose a sun hat with rating of UPF50+. With this material of hats can block up to around 98.5% of harmful UV rays.

Women’s bucket hats are made of a variety of materials, such as cotton, nylon, denim and more. Cotton bucket hats are little thicker than nylon, and its breathability is less than nylon and polyester. Since you want a hat can protect you from the hot sun and its harmful UV rays, a bucket hat made of nylon is the best hat for you. If it is winter, you should choose a bucket hat made of cotton or velvet that can keep you warm.

Designs and Styles

Women care more about styles and designs than men do. The first thing they look at is the appearance of the hat and if it will make them look great. They tend to go for a chic hat that suits their taste.

Bucket hats have developed for many designs and colors to satisfy different kinds of people. For many fashionable women, they would follow the trend of the latest fashion week and wear the newest headgear. There are many colors for us to choose. We always like to wear a hat in solid color, such as timeless black and white, denim, khaki, beige and others.

Versatility of the Hat

Since you want a hat that can protect you for the whole summer, it is important to find a hat that will protect you from the sun and its harmful UV rays when you go hiking, traveling, camping and other outdoors activities. Make sure the hat is durable and versatile for you to use in any occasions.

Bucket hats by virtue of its colorful designs and styles get love of many young girls. Commonly, bucket hats are divided into solid colors, patterned design and more, which means there are many options for us, so you will find the right one.

Bucket Hats with Printed Design

Speaking of hats, most people think of baseball caps, berets, or top hats, but there are also many stars choose bucket hats. Bucket hats become popular in recent years. The bucket hat has not only exited the stage of fashion trends, but its development has become more and more diverse. In previous years, the bucket hat may only exist in a small area. Now the bucket hat has become the fashion trend pursued by a majority of people. More and more people are fond of the bucket hat. Most women choose bucket hats for two reasons: one reason is that the bucket hat can do sun protection; another main reason is that the bucket hat can be matched with a variety of styles, and can also modify the facial form.

Usually, people choose bucket hats for three kinds of styles: solid colour, black and white colour, and printed design. Most people tend to choose the first two styles, because these colours are very easy to be matched clothes. One is because the printed bucket hat is very difficult to be matched with clothes, and the other is that some people really don’t like it. They prefer pastel colours for their clothing choices. In fact, as long as you match well, perhaps it would be better than the solid colour. Here are some recommended combinations of printed bucket hats.

The collocation of this bucket hat is bold in its colour. The background colour of the hat is black, with large flower patterns on it. This large pattern in bucket hat, matching with solid-coloured clothes to let the hat look less abrupt for your clothes neutralizes the fancy bucket hat. Recently, this medium-length white T-shirt dress is popular. The loose T-shirt is suitable for any body shape. It seems that many girls like to wear this T-shirt in summer, and it is the right time for them to show long legs with wearing a pair of knee-high socks. The green pattern echoes the green of the bucket hat, plus a pair of high-topped platform shoes. This combination is in a very preppy style. College students can try this kind of collocation. If you want to show your good shape in summer, you can try this style.

Designers incorporate the elements of ink painting into the design of the garment, and we can see the combination of classic art and fashion elements. The combination of neoclassical ink painting and fashion clothing gives classical art a new sense of modern fashion. The combination of the ink painting style of the bucket hat and same coloured fleece is natural. This colour of the bucket hat itself is not very bright, plus the same coloured fleece, the combination is not too fancy. If you wear a nice dress and put on such a fancy hat, you must feel that people are watching you. It is perfect to match a piece of clothing with the same colour, but remember do not to choose a hat in bright colours. If you wear a dress that is still very fancy, it will be a bit gaudy.

The black-pattern bucket hat looks less fancy, plus the bucket hat’s background colour is white. Black and white are pastel colours, so the combination of these two colours is very common in people’s daily wearing. Black, white and grey are classic versatile colours, paired with a grey V-neck knit bottoming shirt which gives people comfortable and casual feeling. If you don’t like fancy clothes, you can make such a match.

White Bucket Hats

Summer is coming, as the weather gets hotter and the temperature rises day by day. Everyone is trying all kinds of ways to protect themselves from the sun, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, parasol, masks, and sun-proof clothing. But these are unable to stand the physical attacks of the hot sun and ultraviolet rays. Some people think that if you apply a thick layer of sunscreen to your body, it won’t be tanned. The effect of applying sunscreen once can only last for two hours, which means you have to take sunscreen along with you and apply the sunscreen every two hours. Some people apply sunscreen only once a day. Some people keep applying it to the body on the whole day.

A new research has found that sunscreen may also have harmful substances to human’s health. So I think you may need a sunhat for the summer. Although the sunhat can only cover your head and part of your face, the skin of the face is very vulnerable and cannot stand the sun for a long time. Therefore, the first thing about sun protection is to protect the face and neck. The bucket hat is particularly popular this year, and the most popular style for bucket hats is the white bucket hat. For many fashionable people, they like pure white clothes rather than other bright colours.

White symbolizes purity and is often regarded as colourless. Most young men and women are very fond of the purity of white and its aesthetic feeling so that they like wearing white clothes. White gives the impression that it is clean and simple. The white dress seems very simple, but white colour with a strong colour collocation can enhance the youthful and active charm, show different emotional effects. White is as versatile as black.

The white bucket hat and the long white T-shirt is really a perfect match, plus a pair of white sports shoes, casual and sporty. This outfit is very suitable for hanging out with friends.

An orange shirt with a wide-brim bucket hat, paired with blue-green polka-dot casual pants, and a pair of sandals is the most comfortable collocation in the summer. The white bucket hat is matched with bright-coloured clothes, highlighting the distinctively main colour, and showing a strong Spanish style.

The white bucket hat matching with a white vest with wide shoulder straps, plus five-inch trousers, it is not only very casual but also highlights a good figure, the white bucket hat also adds a different style.

Some bold people may choose collocation of white and pink, a casual suit with striped pants, a pink long-sleeved shirt with a pair of white shoes. The overall mix is ​​neutral. Some people think that pink and white gives a girly feeling, but this bucket hat with pink clothes shows a very neutral feeling, according to the classification of colour and colour psychology, white belongs to a neutral colour, and pink is warm colour. Neutral colours make people feel relaxed, calm, decent, and being accepted by most people.

Black Bucket Hats

The BUCKETHAT is available in many colours. The common colours are black, white, beige and other bright colours. It is a popular and fashionable item in spring and summer. Many young men and women often can be seen with wearing various styles of that hat in the street. The bucket hat has the function of protecting you from the sun.

Because the summer weather is fickle, and sometimes the weather is fine, but it may become clouded in a short while, and then it rains heavily. One of the great advantages of the bucket hat is that it has a good waterproof function. The wide brim keeps the rain out, so at least your hair doesn’t get wet. Hipsters tend to wear black bucket hats. For those black and white aficionados, black and white are the mainstream colours for their everyday wear. Fashionable people say that black represents mystery, and avant-garde people say that black represents cool, and mature people say that black represents solemnity. People who like black just want to be different and intend to keep a certain distance from the world. The feeling of black is noble, calm, quiet, and unpredictable.

The black bucket hat can be worn with a variety of combinations of clothes to present a variety of styles. The black bucket hat is paired with a simple white T-shirt, giving a laid-back feeling for those who don’t like to make up every day. A flaxen curl with a black bucket hat is full of fashion. It looks simple and very high-level.

The black bucket hat is paired with a black sweater with a patchwork design, and a black plaid skirt with a pair of black long boots. Even if there is only one colour combination on the whole dress, it will not appear monotonous, but it is very individual. This collocation is full of confidence and it gives a cold impression to others. Because of the change in the combination of black, it can present a different feeling of formal or modern style. Black is colourless, it can show a wide variety of impressions by combining them. Black is the least error-prone and looks fashionable.

The black bucket hat is embellished with yellow, which is paired with a yellow printed T-shirt, plus denim shorts. The yellow T-shirt and the black bucket hat are interlaced to create a less monotonous look. It shows the contrast of the visual effect. This outfit is very fresh and clean. When you go out in summer, you can wear a simple T-shirt and shorts to show your long legs and vitality.

The black denim bucket hat with a green long T-shirt is also very eye-catching. The striped green T-shirt is very simple and fresh in the summer. The collision of black and green is unobtrusive, and it seems very fashionable.

Black bucket hats can be paired with any colour of clothing, you can match as you like, whether you match with the same coloured clothes or with different colours of clothes, it looks all good.