Bucket Hats with Printed Design

Speaking of hats, most people think of baseball caps, berets, or top hats, but there are also many stars choose bucket hats. Bucket hats become popular in recent years. The bucket hat has not only exited the stage of fashion trends, but its development has become more and more diverse. In previous years, the bucket hat may only exist in a small area. Now the bucket hat has become the fashion trend pursued by a majority of people. More and more people are fond of the bucket hat. Most women choose bucket hats for two reasons: one reason is that the bucket hat can do sun protection; another main reason is that the bucket hat can be matched with a variety of styles, and can also modify the facial form.

Usually, people choose bucket hats for three kinds of styles: solid colour, black and white colour, and printed design. Most people tend to choose the first two styles, because these colours are very easy to be matched clothes. One is because the printed bucket hat is very difficult to be matched with clothes, and the other is that some people really don’t like it. They prefer pastel colours for their clothing choices. In fact, as long as you match well, perhaps it would be better than the solid colour. Here are some recommended combinations of printed bucket hats.

The collocation of this bucket hat is bold in its colour. The background colour of the hat is black, with large flower patterns on it. This large pattern in bucket hat, matching with solid-coloured clothes to let the hat look less abrupt for your clothes neutralizes the fancy bucket hat. Recently, this medium-length white T-shirt dress is popular. The loose T-shirt is suitable for any body shape. It seems that many girls like to wear this T-shirt in summer, and it is the right time for them to show long legs with wearing a pair of knee-high socks. The green pattern echoes the green of the bucket hat, plus a pair of high-topped platform shoes. This combination is in a very preppy style. College students can try this kind of collocation. If you want to show your good shape in summer, you can try this style.

Designers incorporate the elements of ink painting into the design of the garment, and we can see the combination of classic art and fashion elements. The combination of neoclassical ink painting and fashion clothing gives classical art a new sense of modern fashion. The combination of the ink painting style of the bucket hat and same coloured fleece is natural. This colour of the bucket hat itself is not very bright, plus the same coloured fleece, the combination is not too fancy. If you wear a nice dress and put on such a fancy hat, you must feel that people are watching you. It is perfect to match a piece of clothing with the same colour, but remember do not to choose a hat in bright colours. If you wear a dress that is still very fancy, it will be a bit gaudy.

The black-pattern bucket hat looks less fancy, plus the bucket hat’s background colour is white. Black and white are pastel colours, so the combination of these two colours is very common in people’s daily wearing. Black, white and grey are classic versatile colours, paired with a grey V-neck knit bottoming shirt which gives people comfortable and casual feeling. If you don’t like fancy clothes, you can make such a match.

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