White Bucket Hats

Summer is coming, as the weather gets hotter and the temperature rises day by day. Everyone is trying all kinds of ways to protect themselves from the sun, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, parasol, masks, and sun-proof clothing. But these are unable to stand the physical attacks of the hot sun and ultraviolet rays. Some people think that if you apply a thick layer of sunscreen to your body, it won’t be tanned. The effect of applying sunscreen once can only last for two hours, which means you have to take sunscreen along with you and apply the sunscreen every two hours. Some people apply sunscreen only once a day. Some people keep applying it to the body on the whole day.

A new research has found that sunscreen may also have harmful substances to human’s health. So I think you may need a sunhat for the summer. Although the sunhat can only cover your head and part of your face, the skin of the face is very vulnerable and cannot stand the sun for a long time. Therefore, the first thing about sun protection is to protect the face and neck. The bucket hat is particularly popular this year, and the most popular style for bucket hats is the white bucket hat. For many fashionable people, they like pure white clothes rather than other bright colours.

White symbolizes purity and is often regarded as colourless. Most young men and women are very fond of the purity of white and its aesthetic feeling so that they like wearing white clothes. White gives the impression that it is clean and simple. The white dress seems very simple, but white colour with a strong colour collocation can enhance the youthful and active charm, show different emotional effects. White is as versatile as black.

The white bucket hat and the long white T-shirt is really a perfect match, plus a pair of white sports shoes, casual and sporty. This outfit is very suitable for hanging out with friends.

An orange shirt with a wide-brim bucket hat, paired with blue-green polka-dot casual pants, and a pair of sandals is the most comfortable collocation in the summer. The white bucket hat is matched with bright-coloured clothes, highlighting the distinctively main colour, and showing a strong Spanish style.

The white bucket hat matching with a white vest with wide shoulder straps, plus five-inch trousers, it is not only very casual but also highlights a good figure, the white bucket hat also adds a different style.

Some bold people may choose collocation of white and pink, a casual suit with striped pants, a pink long-sleeved shirt with a pair of white shoes. The overall mix is ‚Äč‚Äčneutral. Some people think that pink and white gives a girly feeling, but this bucket hat with pink clothes shows a very neutral feeling, according to the classification of colour and colour psychology, white belongs to a neutral colour, and pink is warm colour. Neutral colours make people feel relaxed, calm, decent, and being accepted by most people.

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