Women’s Hat Etiquette Guidelines

Once upon a time, hats were an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe, from everyday wear to dressier styles. Today, women still wear hats for fashion and practical reasons like sun protection and warmth. Although women can often keep their hats on while men cannot, there are some basic rules you must follow to make sure you not only look your best, but also behave appropriately.

Women don’t have to remove their hats indoors as men do, unless it’s a rain hat. It is rare for women to remove their formal hats. This rule of etiquette evolved from the role of the women’s hat, which was no longer a single piece of hat, but a specific accessory to their outfit. Usually warm hats in the winter should be removed indoors, as it is certainly not colder than outside. It is considered acceptable for women to wear hats in Christian churches, but it is sometimes considered disrespectful for men to wear hats. Both men and women are required to wear headscarves in Muslim mosques and Sikh temples. For men’s hats, any ornament or decoration should be on the left side of the hat. A woman’s hat is the opposite, with pins and other accessories on the right side of the hat.  

From a casual bucket hat to a stylish beret, women can wear any kinds of hats which differ in shapes, colors and styles for almost any occasion. It’s hard for a woman to take off her hat without damaging her hairstyle, so different rules have developed. These hats can be worn indoors, at home or in restaurants and in cultural events. However, you should not wear fashionable hats in some workplaces. If you hat with high top or a large brim that may block the view of someone else easily, so you should remove your hat when you are going to a theatre or a cinema.

For some sporty hats, women usually follow the men’s hat rules. You can wear your hat outdoors to participate in sports activities, or in public places, such as beaches or parks. In schools, libraries and government buildings, you should take off your sporty caps. Whether it’s in someone’s home or in a restaurant, and in most work place environments, you should remove it unless it’s part of the uniform or a practical hat. For example, if you work in landscaping or other outdoor work, a baseball cap can block the sun’s rays may be appropriate.

Functional hats are often used to provide protection from natural factors, including cold or sun. Depending on the hat and the environment you are in, you may choose to follow a set of rules, which can also be used to fashionable hats and sporty hats.

A modern hat is particularly appropriate for traditional church services and funerals, and for dressy sporting events, such as horse racing. Some religious rituals require women to wear headscarves, making fashionable hats almost a necessity. Daytime weddings and lunches are great opportunities to wear hats, and outside of those occasions, fashionable hats wearing are completely up to you. So if you like the hat, just wear it.

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