Unique and Cool Hat Rack Ideas

There are many kinds of hats, the most common types are newsboy caps, bowler hats, beanies, baseball caps, fedoras, and bucket hats. Unfortunately, because of their particular shape that cannot be folded, so it’s hard to put them together neatly. Especially if you are a hat lover who has many collection series. Whether you put them in your closet or pile them high, you need a lot of space. Many hat lovers have trouble with this problem. A hat rack is a convenient way to store your hats. Use a hat rack to keep your hat from getting squashed and dirty. Hat racks are sold both online and offline stores or you can make it by yourself. There are lots of online tutorials about DIY hat rack, both articles and videos. By making them by yourself, you can design your hat racks according to your personal preferences and save some money as well. Besides, the DIY hat racks would be more precise compared to the rack you buy from the store.

Here we have some hat rack ideas that may help you in organizing your caps and hats collection. And you don’t have to worry again about getting your accessories cluttering everywhere.

No. 1 Hat Rack Board

The boards of this hat rack are strong enough to hold your belongings. There are some hooks on it. You only need to spend an hour to make this hat rack by using many tools and materials. It can also be used to hang your traveling accessories, such as hats, coats and backpacks. It’s a good way to use your unoccupied spaces or walls.  

No. 2 Standing Hat Rack

Don’t underestimate this standing hat rack, it’s also creative. It is made with the use of dowels by hands. The materials are not difficult to find. In addition to the dowels, you’ll need a hot glue gun, jute, and S-hooks. If you want it to hold something heavier, you’ll probably need larger dowels and some screws. This hat rack can hold drenched traveling accessories on a wet season when you enter the house. Therefore, the best advice is to put the hat rack in the corner next to the front door, and don’t forget to put a mat under the rack to accept the water drip.

No. 3 Triangle with Four Thin Ropes Hat Rack

Such a hat rack is not only a practical tool, but also a decoration. It can be a terrific touch for your empty white wall. The ropes decorate the wall with elegance touch. This design doesn’t look too crowded. As you can see, a triangle only fits seven to eight hats. This is the ideal number of hats that you can hang. If you want to add more hats, you should add another triangle.

No. 4 Large Mirror with Hooks

The hat rack only needs some hooks, and you just attach them to the frame of the large mirror. This treatment only applies to large mirrors. As you can see, it looks very simple and easy to install. You just need to nail down some hooks and hang your hats there. This is a perfect addition to a simple and elegant bedroom.

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