How to Protect Your Skin from the Sun in Summer?

It is funny for spending time outdoors as you are soaking up in the sun. However, the sun contains some dangers of UV rays. Many people don’t know about the health hazards that can come from tanning or going outside without proper sun protection. They just know that they would get sunburned if the sun is really harsh. But they didn’t recognize the real danger of UV radiation that makes them get the risk of skin cancer. We need the sun and the sun is good for us. But we also need to protect ourselves from the sun and its harmful UV rays while staying outside. The following are some best ways to protect us from the summer sun.

Good sun protection starts with the sunscreen. Be sure to use more sunscreen than you have planned. It’s best to prepare new sunscreen before you run out of the old one. Make sure sunscreen is always readily available. Put bottles of sunscreen in accessible areas around your home, such as your front closet, so you will not forget to apply it before you go out. Also, you can put sunscreen in the bathroom, where you can liberally apply it before putting on your bathing suit and rash guard. Heat and humidity can accelerate the breakdown of sunscreen, so make sure sunscreen live in a cool and dry place.

If you’re going to the beach, be sure to apply sunscreen before jumping in the water. Make sure cover every inch of your skin. Reapply sunscreen after swimming or sweating, and reuse it throughout the day to make it truly effective. It is best to apply sunscreen every two hours. A lot of people are easy to forget to reapply, and a single application before you go outside is just not enough to protect you for a full day.

The safe and easy way to protect you from the hot sun and harsh sunlight is to wear UPF clothes. UPF clothes are a lazy person’s sunscreen. UPF is Ultraviolet Protection Factor which measures the degree of sun protection the clothing can offer to you. UPF clothes are made with special fabric that provides the same type of UV-fighting protection as a sunscreen to you. Sun-protective clothes such as long-sleeve zip-ups, rash guards, and long pants, all UPF, to the pool, beach, hiking and biking outdoors all have an effect on protecting you from the sun. They just differ in the degree of protection that it provides. Clothes which have a UPF rating of 30+ would give you good protection from the sun, and some clothes with UPF 50+ will offer you the best protection against the sun and its rays.

Except for the clothes, another important item is a sun hat. A wide-brimmed sun hat is the easiest and cheapest way to protect our face, head and neck. A bucket hat features a wide and floppy brim that will shade our eyes, face, nose and even neck. It can be worn easily and packed into the pocket without damaging its shape. Bucket hats can be worn in most occasions and it is for four seasons.

Above all are some ways to protect yours kin from the sun and UV rays. It is best for you to choose a sun hat and wear sun-protective clothing if you are more likely to forget to apply sunscreen.

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